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Steven Provyn

Department of Human anatomy
Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Expertise: Anatomy


Steven Provyn was born on august 12th 1972 in Ukkel, Belgium. In 1995, he obtained a Master in Physiotherapy at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB). Since year 2000 he started as a voluntary scientific collaborator during two years, followed by an assistantship since 2004 at the experimental anatomy department. His teaching and research interest in the anatomy of the human body initiated research in body composition (obesity) and has led to several publications in peer-reviewed journals as first and co-author. Since December 2009, he works also at the "Haute école Paul Henri Spaak" as a researcher in Anatomy, Morphology and Biomechanics in combination with a part-time continuation at the VUB where he completed his PhD in body composition “Quality control and critical appraisal of the reliability of selected body composition data acquisition techniques and systems.

In 2013 he also started at the “Université Libre De Bruxelles” in the domain of temporo-mandibular anatomy. Since October 2014, he became the manager of the dissection room and head of the “Anatomical Research, Training and Education” department at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. He works at the VUB as a professor in anatomy. He teaches anatomy, neuro-anatomy, anatomy in-vivo and dissection to students of pharmacy, biomedical sciences, physiotherapy and medicine. He is also head of the body composition research group. Besides his academic work, he is still active in a multidisciplinary private practice.

Editorial Board:

Alex Cheung
Histology and Developmental biology
Address: Room ST-541, Department of Rehabilitation Sciences,
Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong S.A.R.
Email ID: alexkk.cheung[@]polyu.edu.hk
Alicia Gonzalo-Ruiz
Address: Laboratory of Neuroanatomy, INCyL, Valladolid University
(Campus Duques de Soria), 42004 Soria, Spain
Email ID: agruiz[@]ah.uva.es
Ashraf Youssef Nasr Naiem
Anatomy and Embryology
Address: Al Tobbah Street, Al- Sharafyia Desert,
Jeddah, KSA
Email ID: anaeem[@]kau.edu.sa
Ayhan Cömert
Clinical Anatomy
Address: Ankara University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Anatomy,
Ankara-06100, Turkery
Email ID: comertayhan[@]yahoo.com
Baris Baykal
Histology and Embryology
Address: GATA KadAn Hastal Aklar Ave, Dogum AD. Etlik,
Ankarya-06018, Turkery
Email ID: baris_baykal[@]yahoo.com
Anatomy and Embryology
Address: OndokuzmayÄs, University, medical Faculty,
Aepartment of Anatomy, Samsun-55139, Turkey
Email ID: drkopuz[@]gmail.com
Cenk Kilic
Address: Department of Anatomy, Gulhane Military Medical Academy, Gulhane,
School of Medicine, Etlik, Ankara-06013, Turkey
Email ID: cekilic[@]gata.edu.tr
Carla Loreto
Anatomy and Embryology, Occupational medicine
Address: Via s. sofia, University of Catania,
Postal Code: 95100, Italy
Email ID: carla.loreto[@]unict.it
Cesar Alexandre Fabrega-Carvalho
Address: RVA Francisco Telles, No. 250, Vila Arens, Jundiai-Sao Paulo,
Brazil C.E.P. (PO Box) 13.202-550
Email ID: carvalhocaf[@]fmj.br
Dhoolappa Melinamani
Anatomy and Embryology
Address: Dept of Veterinary Anatomy & Histology, Veterinary College,
Vinobanagar Shimoga-577204. Karnataka, India
Email ID: drdsm2011[@]gmail.com
Dilek Burukoglu Donmez
Molecular biology
Address: Eskisehir Osmangazi Universty, Dept. of Histology and Embryology,
Estisehir, Turkey
Email ID: dburukoglu[@]yahoo.com
Dipti Ashok Nimje
Human Histology
Address: 749 New Subhedar Layout, Near Gajanan High School,
Nagpur, India
Email ID: dr.dipti342[@]gmail.com
Dushyant Agrawal
Anatomy, Human genetics
Address: Department of Anatomy, All India Institute of Medical Sciences,
Jodhpur -342 005, Rajasthan, India
Email ID: agrawald[@]aiimsjodhpur.edu.in
Gaurav Agnihotri
Anatomy and Embryology
Address: House No.44 AB, Lane No 2, Gopal Nagar,
Majitha Road, Amritsar-143001, Punjab
Email ID: anatomygaurav[@]yahoo.com
H. Wayne Lambert
Cadaveric Variability Studies
Address: West Virgina University, 50 M, HSN 405Z,
PO Box 9128, Morgan Town, WV 26506-9128
Email ID: hwlambert[@]hsc.wvu.edu
Harish Arjunrao Wankhede
Anatomy and Embryology
Address: Quarter number 27/2, Somwari Peth, Near
ESIC hospital, Nagpur-440009, India
Email ID: drharrywan[@]gmail.com
Hope Gangata
Address: School of Immunity and Infection, The University of Birmingham,
Edgbaston, Birmingham, B152TT, United Kingdom
Email ID: hopegata[@]yahoo.co.uk
Huseyin Avni Balcioglu
Address: Faculty of Dentistry, Istanbul University,
Edgbaston, ISTANBUL - 34390, Turkey
Email ID: habalci[@]istanbul.edu.tr
Ivan Varga
Histology, Clinical embryology
Address: Department of Histology and Embrology, Faculty of Medicine,
Comenius University in Bratislava Sasinkova Street 4, Bratislava, Slovakia
Email ID: ivan.varga[@]fmed.uniba.sk
Jun Yan
Address: Department of Anatomy, School of Medicine, Iwate Medical University, 2-1-1,
Nishitokuta, Yahaba-cho, Shiwa-gun, Iwate 028-3694, Japan
Email ID: junyan[@]iwate-med.ac.jp
Ken William Ashwell
Comparative neuroanatomy
Address: Department of Anatomy, School of Medical Sciences,
The University of New South Wales, NSW, Sydney, Australia
Email ID: k.ashwell[@]unsw.edu.au
Lazar Jelev
Anatomy and Embryology, Vascular surgery
Address: Department of Anatomy, Histology and Embryology,
Medical University of Sofia, blvd. Sv. Georgi Sofiisky 1, BG-1431 Sofia, Bulgaria
Email ID: ljelev[@]abv.bg
Livia D'Angelo
Address: VIA F. Delpino, 1, I.80137, Naples, Italy
Email ID: livia.dangelo[@]unina.it
Luis-Alfonso Arráez-Aybar
Anatomy and Embryology
Address: Department Anatomy and Human Embryology II, Faculty of Medicinem,
Complutense University, Ciudad Universitaria s/n, 28040 Madrid Spain
Email ID: arraezla[@]med.ucm.es
M. Saeed Shafi
Molecular biology, Medical education, Reproductive biology
Address: AJK Medical College, University of AJK,
Muzaffarabad, Pakistan
Email ID: msaeedshafi[@]hotmail.com
Magda Ahmed Eldomiaty
Anatomy and Embryology
Address: Taibah University, Dept. of Anatomy Embryology,
Almadinah Almonawarrah 41411, Saudi Arabia
Email ID: dr_majda[@]hotmail.com
Miroslav Georgiev Stefanov
Anatomy and Embryology
Address: Dept. of Morfology, Physiology and Nutrition,
Trakia University, 6000 Satar Zaeora, Bulgaria
Email ID: stefanat[@]af.uni-sz.bg
Mostafa El-Naggar
Anatomy and Embryology
Address: 2349- Almarjan Road, Industrial Zone, Unit No. 1,
Jazan 82621, Saudi Arabia
Email ID: mmnaggar[@]hotmail.com
Nadire Unver Dogan
Address: Selcuk Universitesi Tip Fakultesi, Anatomi Anabilim Dala, E-Blok, Kat:3
Aleaddin Keykubat, Kampusu, Selcuklu, Konya, Turkey
Email ID: nunver2003[@]yahoo.com
Necdet Kocabiyik
Address: Gulhane Military Medical Academy, Department of Anatomy,
Etlik-Ankara, Turkey
Email ID: nkocabiyik[@]gata.edu.tr
Nikolai Elenkov Lazarov
Anatomy and Embryology
Address: 2, Zdrave Street, Sofia - 1431, Bulgaria
Email ID: nlazarov[@]medfac.acad.bg
Okan Bilge
Clinical anatomy
Address: Ege University Medical Faculty, Department of Anatomy,
Izmir - 35100, Turkey
Email ID: bilgeo3[@]hotmail.com
Plastic surgery
Address: Victor Babes, University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Dept. of Anatomy,
2 Eftimie Murgu Square, 300041, Timisoara, Romania
Email ID: matusz[@]umft.ro
Piraye Kervancioglu
Address: Gaziantep University, Medical School University Avenue,
Anatomy Department, Gaziantep-27310, Turkey
Email ID: pirayek[@]hotmail.com
Ramadan Mahmoud El Gharbawy
General surgery
Address: Lebanon, Beirat, Tarik Al Gadida,
AL Boustani Street, BAU, Beirut, Lebanon
Email ID: r.elgharbawy[@]bau.edu.lb
Roopali D Nikumbh
Associate Professor, Anatomical Variations, Histology, Gross Anatomy, Congenital Anomalies
Address: Dept. of Anatomy, Acpm Medical College Dhule India
Email ID: drrdnikumbh[@]gmail.Com
Rui-Cheng. Ji
Human Anatomy
Address: Oita University Faculty of Medicine,
Oita 879-5593, Japan
Email ID: JI[@]oita-u.ac.jp
Sergio Castorina
Human anatomy
Address: Via Santa Sofia 87, Catania - 95123, Italy
Email ID: sergio.castorina[@]unict.it
Sherif Karam
Address: College of Medicine and Health Sciences, United Arab Emirates University,
P.O.Box 17666, Al-Ain United Arab Emirates
Email ID: skaram[@]uaeu.ac.ae
Sherin Abdelmalik
Anatomy and Embryology
Address: Apt. 6, 89, Omar Ibn EI-Khatab Street, Heliopolis,
Cairo, Egypt
Email ID: sherin.abdelmalik[@]gmail.com
Wolfgang Johann Weninger
Anatomy and Embryology
Address: Centre for Anatomy and Cell Biology, Medical University of Vienna,
Waehringerstr 13, Wien, Austria
Email ID: Wolfgang.Weninger[@]meduniwien.ac.at
Yi-Ping Hou
Address: 199 Donggang Xi Road, Lanzhou, China
Email ID: houyiping[@]lzu.edu.cn
Yin-chu Si
Address: No.11 beisanhuandonglu, Chaoyang District,
Beijing, China
Email ID: bjsiyinchu[@]sina.com


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